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Drogas Vigo is committed to creating a culture that promotes and stimulates honesty, transparency, sustainability, experience and cultural diversity. We believe that our pursuit of success must always be based on creating and promoting an environment of trust and respect with their employees, suppliers, customers, authorities and any person or entity with whom we interact.

These principles have created a culture in which integrity is an essential element in the development of our business. This culture has been embodied in our Code of Conduct, in which we describe the core values and business ethics that are embraced and respected throughout our organization.

Our Code of Conduct is not intended to respond to each of the many individualised situations to which our employees could potentially be exposed on a day-to-day basis. The Code of Conduct has the function of being able to alert of those situations that our employees consider could have ethical or legal implications that should always be respected, for which they have received the necessary training in order to help them make the right decisions in any situation of this nature.

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Drogas Vigo considers the respect and protection of the health and safety of its employees and external collaborators to be of the utmost importance.


Drogas Vigo is committed to respecting the Health and Safety of all its employees and external collaborators, as well as to respecting the environment, extending this commitment equally to those people who provide their services within our working environment.

Likewise, as far as possible, we make an effort to collaborate with our clients in order to help them integrate this philosophy into their own procedures. We are also committed to equal treatment of all employees without gender discrimination.

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Drogas Vigo considers that it is extremely important that all its employees demonstrate the highest levels of personal integrity under any circumstances in which they may find themselves, during the development of their professional functions.

Drogas Vigo has rules to ensure that its employees respect areas related to the management of sensitive aspects such as illegal payments / gifts and situations of conflict of interest. There is an alert procedure, to facilitate that employees can easily communicate those situations that in their opinion affect the respect of ethical principles in business.

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Drogas Vigo is firmly committed to the principle of free competition and regularly trains its employees regarding competition law in order to help all its employees know and comply with the provisions of such laws.

There is a training plan for employees regarding respect for and compliance with the laws regulating the commercial trafficking of some of the products, such as, for example, the law on drug precursors, explosives and chemical weapons.

In compliance with all laws, under no circumstances will child labor be hired, in accordance with labor regulations and international conventions.

No products will be purchased from countries where child or forced labour is used.

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Drogas Vigo considers that sustainability goes beyond compliance with the laws and regulations in force, for which it has incorporated the concepts of Sustainable Distribution and Circular Economy in the first place of its Strategic Business Principles. This is understood as the will to satisfy present needs without putting at risk those of future generations.

Drogas Vigo works permanently to improve areas such as product protection / technical support to customers to optimize their formulae, search for improvements in the supply chain aimed at reducing the CO2 footprint, energy optimization and waste management.

In addition to these important areas, Drogas Vigo continues to dedicate permanent efforts with the community to improve the knowledge of the sustainability aspects of the chemical distribution business. To this end, Drogas Vigo organizes student visits to the facilities and collaborates actively with the University.




Drogas Vigo is fully aware of and respects all legislation and advice relating to Drug Precursors and Chemical Weapons; as well as all matters relating to commercial traffic with those regions classified by the United Nations and other international bodies, such as Restricted Geographical Zones or Restricted Persons.



Chief executive

Enrique Casal Lareo

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